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About Us
We cater for lovers of authentic wines. If you have visited a wine region and enjoyed local wines that you can't find in UK supermarkets you will know what that means.

Every wine on our list has been hand picked for quality. We research winemakers with excellent reputations and visit them personally to taste their wines. We also ask the locals for recommendations and visit them too. We blind taste all the wines again and add the very best to our list.

Value for Money
We buy directly from winemakers at their professional tariff - the lowest possible purchase price. We import in wholesale quantities and our low overheads mean our customers benefit from the best prices anywhere in the UK.

Why small Producers?
The unique location of the vineyards combined with the skill of the winemaker result in wines with real personality. Single estate wines are much more enjoyable than mass-produced commercial wines.

Sensible Price Points
On a £6 bottle of wine you are spending about £1 on the wine itself - the rest is Duty, VAT, bottling, shipping, retailer profit etc. On a £10 bottle of wine you are spending about £5 on the wine itself. That's 5 times better quality and a realistic starting price for quality wine.

Personal Service
Hedonist Wines is privately owned by wine enthusiasts. If you would like to discuss your personal preferences in wine before buying please get in touch. And if you are unhappy with any bottle of our wine we will replace it free of charge.

Hedonist Wines Cambridge

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